8 Key Practices for Discerning Your Future

8 Key Practices for Discerning Your Future

God might be nudging you toward something, but it takes some intentionality and time to determine when to take big steps in life or make major decisions. This is where discernment comes in. Discernment involves a process of growing in your ability to perceive what is best, make good decisions, and in a spiritual realm, an increased sense of how God is leading you and what He is calling you to.

So, how does one discern the future God might be leading them to? What are the skills needed and the practices that help? Well, at Global Marketplace Multipliers we talk about 8 different key discernment practices each of us can learn. There might be more than these 8, but these are the best place to start:

  1. Scripture – Reading what has been revealed from the LORD
  2. Prayer – Communicating directly with the LORD
  3. Engagement – Learning best when we are in the game
  4. Story – Telling autobiographical stories and your testimony
  5. Community – Processing in the context of trusted relationships
  6. Awareness – Gaining self-awareness, which is the fertilizer of growth
  7. Advice – Gleaning wisdom from mentors and disciplers
  8. Ownership – Owning our own development


Which of these 8 key practices show up most in your life?

Which ones do you want to learn more about? Reach out to us now if God is nudging you to the nations and we can help you gain some key discernment skills and sort out what God might be up to. We believe in you, and God has equipped you for his Great Commission!