Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College

(EWBC) in eSwatini

Meet the current Principal of EWBC: Joshua Azikewe

Country: eSwatini   Area: Africa

Students currently enrolled in program(s):

0 (The School is currently closed – pending determination by the Government)

Students expected to graduate this year:


Faculty members employed here: 

4 Fulltime and 7 Adjunct

Academic year: 


How to pray for the school:

That Higher Education Council grants us Accreditation soonest. A very crucial meeting is scheduled at the end of the year to review our Quality Assurance standards.

Testimony on behalf of the school: 

Partners have continued to support the school, enabling our faculty to put things together for review.

In September a group of Wesleyan lead Pastors from Hyde Wesleyan Church, Pulaski Wesleyan Church and Mt Pisgah Wesleyan, took our Staff members for a refreshment retreat in South Africa. It helped refresh our staff members

If you’d like to support the Bible School and its students, check out the various projects below: