What Does a Global Marketplace Multiplier (GMM) Do?

What Does a Global Marketplace Multiplier (GMM) Do?

Jennifer is a consultant who began to travel internationally for her work and over time began to wonder if it wasn’t just a coincidence. She realized that her travels put her into contact with all kinds of people in places without access to the gospel, and so she started on a journey of intentionality in her faith. Jennifer was beginning a life we’ve come to call that of a “Global Marketplace Multiplier” (GMM).

A GMM is a Christian with skills and a viable profession in the global economy who lives in a country where they intentionally reach out cross-culturally to build relationships, share their faith, and engage in global disciple-making.

GMMs are expected to:

1.Participate in some essential preparation training.

Dan works as a lecturer at a university in Southeast Asia where his wife works with people without homes and women who work in the sex industry.

2. Pursue recommended training and support that meets their unique needs.

We point people to things like the Zúme Training which is an on-line and in-life learning experience we think can be particularly helpful for those in the marketplace who don’t know where to start when it comes to being disciples who multiply.

3. Maintain relationships with other GMMs and international mission workers in their region.

Ben Paulsen worked as a medical doctor for nearly 30 years in East Asia and helps ensure these connections are a rewarding part of what a GMM does.

4. Build redemptive relationships with nationals in the country they are working in. GMMs do not need to pay anything into the Global Partners sending agency.

While the work Jennifer does traveling many places means she doesn’t get to set down roots in a country and learn the language beyond ordering for a business lunch, she does have opportunities others don’t. We surely need missionaries to move to countries and engage for a lifetime—but we also want to work together with those in the marketplace to coordinate our efforts in showing people the love of Jesus and making disciples.

For learn more about what Global Marketplace Multipliers do watch this 1 minute video.