Multiplying Leaders for the Nepal Church Through Leadership Training

Multiplying Leaders for the Nepal Church Through Leadership Training

God is on the move in The Wesleyan Church of Nepal! Their goal is to see that all of their churches are led by pastors who have completed at least six basic pastoral training courses. This past August, Dr. Paul Mills brought his unique teaching skills to Kathmandu by teaching Old Testament Survey using key Old Testament characters as the basis for his week of instruction. This was the fourth training class in a series of these six basic courses called the Six Pak.

Approximately 25 Wesleyan churches throughout this predominantly Hindu country are all led by enthusiastic believers who have little, if any, formal pastoral training. In the past 16 months, four of these intensive classes have been taught by pastors and instructors supplied by Global Partners.

In April, another missional leader taught Wesleyan History and Beliefs. Among the students at that class was a group of church leaders from western Nepal who are applying to join The Wesleyan Church. One of these pastors has a church of some 300 attendees. This church has birthed seven other satellite churches in the Lamahi region.

The August class was taught in a temporary bamboo and tin structure on property that was recently acquired for the purpose of building a permanent pastor training center. Dr. Mills inspired a love for the Word of God and the value of discipling believers with training firmly rooted in the Bible. His teaching was well received.

The final two courses of the Six Pak are expected to be taught in coming months. Nepalese pastors who successfully complete all six classes will be licensed by the Nepal Wesleyan Church. The Nepal Church will soon have trained pastors leading their churches who are passionate about reaching their world for Christ.

*Name withheld for security reasons.