4 in 10 persons have no access to the gospel in their community – we talk about this statistic often, but we hope that you are compelled by the magnitude of what it means and represents. It doesn’t mean 40% don’t have access – it means that where these individuals live, no one has experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.


These 4 in 10 individuals are on our minds everyday. We pray often for the people in these hard-to-reach regions. We also pray for more workers to go to these places and share the Good News.


The work in these areas can be slow. Oftentimes there are extensive religious and political barriers. Yet the fact remains: 4 in 10 have no witness at all.  


Global Partners is committed to launch new fields and workers in these hard-to-reach places. We pray every day that the Lord of the Harvest will send more. Your partnership makes a huge difference. 


Your year-end gift enables us to support more workers in the year ahead. Would you join us in this effort? Your gift of $50, $100, $500, $1000, $25,000 and beyond equips us to mobilize, train and send more workers to the 4 in 10 regions. 


Would you please pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance to reach those without access to the gospel?  This mission to the 4 in 10 matters—Forever!


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