Did you know that in our world today, 4 in 10 people live without access to the gospel? That’s billions of people—including entire communities, cities, and regions—who don’t know Jesus. 

We believe everyone should have a chance to hear and respond to the gospel.

And the truth is, every single person who comes to know Jesus can make an enormous impact.  

About six years ago, we met *V and *P. After getting together for walks and bike rides, we asked if they would like to read the Bible with us. *V was eager to, and *P said, “I am Czech and therefore I am an atheist. But you two have hope and I would like to understand how that’s possible for you.”


We met a couple times each month, and as we read each new story, *P had amazing insights…discoveries…of what the story tells us about Jesus and about people! Soon, they were praying out loud for us, and told us they were reading Bible verses together each night before bed.


After telling us that they had decided to follow Jesus, they asked us if they could be baptized. Just a couple weeks later, they offered to help organize our first church family camp! What a blessing to hear them pray! – Kevin and Cindy

Some go. Some equip. Many give. We all have a role to play!

As the end of the year approaches, you can make a difference by setting up a monthly recurring gift of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or beyond.  Or give a special one-time year-end gift! When you give generously, you help reach the 4 in 10 people who don’t currently have access to the gospel. 


We’re also excited to share that a generous partner is matching every recurring and one-time gift up to $25,000.  This means that your gift will go even further to fuel the mission. Help us ensure this matching opportunity is met!

Join us in the Global Partners’ movement and play an active role in the Great Commission until everyone, everywhere has access to life with Jesus.

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