Our vision in South Asia is to be a multiplying church blessing every village in the state where we currently live. Over a year ago, we were asked by a young man to come to his village to talk with some of his neighbors about Jesus. A village is a not a place that outsiders walk into—an invitation is required. We were excited to have an open door into this village, and we would visit on occasion when our connection was there. But visits were sporadic. We knew that consistency was the key to building relationships that would eventually lead to opportunities to share Jesus.

About four months ago, our leaders in our South Asian state decided to commit to visiting every week. Over time, the gathering grew from a handful of family members to neighbors joining in as well. At the end of August, there were about 25 people!

In August, we were told that there was a man at the gathering who had been diagnosed with cancer. There was a visible lump on his neck. Because of his health condition, he was unable to eat and was in significant pain. That night, after sharing the gospel, our leaders prayed for him before returning home. When they returned the following week, the man’s lump was gone, and he is feeling better.

Pray that this group would continue to grow—both spiritually and numerically. Pray that they would come to know Jesus as the personal Savior and, in turn, lead others to Jesus. Pray that they would take the good news into other villages.

*Names omitted for security reasons.