Healing at the Hospital

Healing at the Hospital

Many of you have prayed for and supported the work at the La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital in Haiti. I want to share three of the many stories regarding patients who have experienced healing at the hospital. In the midst of many tragedies, three outcomes, at the beginning of this year, were wonderful gifts from God!


A 25-year-old alcoholic man with a complicated illness was admitted to the La Gonave hospital. He had been in the Dominican Republic where treatments had not helped—so he came home to La Gonave. The La Gonave admitting doctors had doubts that he would live. I was asked to consult after a week of various treatments in our hospital had not brought any improvement. The diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis was made. Within days of being on treatment, he improved significantly. When I saw him on the day he left the hospital, I didn’t even recognize him. He looked so good! Best of all—through the prayers and encouragement of his family and the medical staff, he committed to staying free of alcohol and living his life for Jesus. A new creation! The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)


A week or so later a man in his 20s came to the emergency room. He was stabbed in the back during a fight. He seemed to be doing well, but by the next morning he was having significant breathing problems. By the time the doctors caring for him realized that he was in trouble, it was too late to transfer him to Port-au-Prince. His left lung had collapsed. The space was filling with blood and air due to injuries from the knife wound. By God’s grace and a phone consult in Michigan, we were able to put in a chest tube and get his lung reinflated. Five days later he left the hospital doing very well. A number of people prayed with him and encouraged him to change the direction of his life.


A surgical team from Canada arrived. On the evening of their first day here, they assisted in a cesarean section for a woman whose baby was in distress. The baby was born with a very low heart rate and was not making any breathing efforts. The visiting team helped us intubate and breathe for the baby for over two hours before this little girl finally started breathing on her own. When I went to see the baby the next morning, she was doing great! She breastfed that day and went home a couple of days later with absolutely no sign of having had such a difficult first few hours of life. What wonderful and resilient bodies God has given us!