Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future

We know that it is impossible for us to reach entire cities and countries on our own, but what if we invest in those who can?

This past June, we held a training session called “Teaching Beyond” for English teachers in our area. We originally expected to train 10-20 teachers, but we were amazed when we had 29 attendees. During this training, we spent time giving teachers new ideas, concepts, and resources that they could use in their classrooms. Much of the teaching that is done in South Eastern Europe is done by lecture only. Our training gave teachers resources on how to incorporate games, stories, activities, and technology into their classrooms.

During this training, we were not allowed to make it faith-based. But that doesn’t mean that our conversations with the teachers didn’t head in that direction. Because we live in a place that is over 99% Muslim, the topic of what we believe is most likely to come up. We had opportunities to share small statements about what we believe. It didn’t really go much deeper than that. But seeds were planted, and these are people that we will have later opportunities to share with more.

So, in this training, we were able to invest in teachers that will help the future of this country through education. Pray this leads to spiritual fruit in the days and years to come.

*Name omitted for security reasons.