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One way that Global Partners gives global focus to the mission of the Wesleyan Church is by strategically sending individuals to work together cross-culturally for the expansion of the Kingdom. 

Personal Mission Coaching 

How do I discern God's will for my life? Personal Mission Coaching is designed to help you discover and live out your highest purpose. The coaching experience will take a look at your strengths, gifts and passions and bring them together to help guide your future. It begins with a private consultation with one of our missional coaches.

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Global Opportunity Network (GONet)

From internships to medical rotations, from theological education to a focused need, the Global Opportunity Network offers missional experiences in the context of long-term mission work. This cultural immersion and mentored ministry will meet immediate needs as well as create intentional time to explore the God’s work in your life.

Length: 6 weeks — 2 years
Age: 18+

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Long-Term Service

You are urgently needed in the global mission. You will experience greatest joy when you give your life away for Christ, just as Christ gave His life for the world. Start the conversation with Global Partners today and continue on a journey to discover your role in long-term cross-cultural ministry.

Length: 3 years+
Age: 18+

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The journey to the ends of the earth begins by being willing to take the first step. From initial exploration, to onsite interviews, to training, and ultimately to being placed on a team, our experienced mobilizers will walk with you every step of the way.

If you’re interested in an initial conversation to discover the role you play to amplify the mission by going, complete the form below.