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A Missionary

We strategically send individuals to work together cross-culturally for the expansion of the Kingdom.

Go Willingly

Cross cultural boundaries to make disciples.

Last First Country Fund ID Monthly Faith Promise Need * Cash Need **
Aaron & Kimberly Karis People WM04-0426
Adams Lowell & Robin Global Partners Health Ministries WM04-0336
Aukerman Matt & Caryl Albania WM04-0299
Austin Kevin & Cindy Czech Republic WM04-0414
Austin & Sabrina Fotizo People WM04-0398
Babcock David & Brenda Missionary Wellness WM04-0182
Bagley Bob & Brenda United States WM04-0350
Bagley Mary Beth Missionary Kids WM04-0423
Banter Amanda Czech Republic WM04-0433
Beyer Bryn Czech Republic WM04-0442
Bickert Bob & Kay Philippines WM08-0892
Bishop Ken & Dawn Kosovo WM04-0285
Blake Matthew Czech Republic WM04-0264
Boardman Phil & Kristy Czech Republic WM04-0300
Boyer Matt & Sarah Republic of Macedonia WM04-0328
Brown Alex Cambodia WM04-0431
Cain Geoff & Carrie Jo Sierra Leone WM04-0399
Casey & Kendra Immigrant Ministry WM04-0342
Cheney Randal & Candice Africa WM04-0368
Chloe Karis People WM04-0428
Christy Amanah People WM04-0390
Churchill Robin Haiti WM04-0405
Collins Andrew & Lexi Cambodia WM04-0434
Cotrone Janice Haiti WM04-0437
Croft Dorcas eSwatini WM04-0189
David & Dena Fotizo People WM04-0389
David & Kate Karis People WM04-0372
Davis Phil & Becky Philippines WM04-0228
Edmonds Greg Haiti WM04-0438
Ellison Cory & Jennifer Mongolia WM04-0422
England Chris & Wendy Croatia WM04-0278
Ensz Tom & Grace Brazil WM04-0063
Floyd Don & Cheri Papua New Guinea WM04-0424
Freeman Randall & Linda Missionary Wellness WM04-0144
Gallant Timothy & Tiffany Cambodia WM04-0296
George Chris & Melissa Australia WM04-0345
Gilles Carl & Maya Francophone Ministry WM04-0330
Hadsell Sabrina Czech Republic WM04-0302
Hemric Angelia Guyana WM04-0391
Hines Tom & Lydia Hispanic Ministry Consulting WM04-0115
Horne Dina NEXT WM04-0387
Hubbard Perry Panama WM04-0014
Jacob Nune People WM04-0401
Jacob & Jenna Fotizo People WM04-0441
James & Alicia Learning & Training, Mobilization WM04-0249
Lester & Amanda Fotizo People WM04-0306
Liz Immigrant Ministry WM04-0412
Mark & Tracie Karis People WM04-0286
McFrederick Jason & Kerensa Czech Republic WM04-0275
Merillat Daniel & Pada Thailand WM04-0269
Mike & Angela Karis People WM04-0339
Nicole Fotizo People WM04-0443
Paraventi Luke & Kyla Czech Republic WM04-0406
Pena (de Purata) Nicky & Arnulfo Mexico WM04-0220
Pickard Kerry Russia WM04-0251
Pickett James & Karen Mozambique WM04-0250
Pickslay Kent & Cheri Croatia WM04-0185
Rice Jim & Lori Ecuador WM04-0366
Rob & Monica Fotizo People WM04-0357
Schenck Richard & Carol Bangladesh WM08-1066
Schmitz Ryan & Sarah Nicaragua WM04-0358
Stanley Daniel & Deanna Haiti WM04-0421
Stephen & Rebecca Nune People WM04-0270
Stevens Allan & Sheri Albania WM04-0319
Stinehart Rich & Deb Missionary Wellness WM04-0432
Suzy Nune People WM04-0439
Swarthout Andrea Japan WM04-0283
Thede Cory & Kris Haiti WM04-0276
Thompson Isaac & Amy Ecuador WM04-0367
Tolan Dave & Donna United States WM04-0041
Van Steenburg Barry & Christy Panama WM04-0393
Vermaire Robert & Marcia Haiti WM04-0430
Werkheiser Don Haiti WM04-0436
White Robin & Yoko Japan WM04-0316
Wuertz Sheree Ecuador WM04-0284
Zachary & Laura Nune People WM04-0402
Zottarelli Rod & Nancy Missionary Wellness WM04-0408

* Monthly Faith Promise Need — Monthly dollar amount of faith promise commitments needed for the missionary to receive financial clearance to go to the field for their next term or to remain on the field to complete their current term. They may have a greater Faith Promise need to maintain cash flow over the long run, but this is the minimum amount needed for the current term.

** Cash Need — The additional amount of cash needed in the missionary’s support fund for that missionary to receive financial clearance to go to the field for their next term or to remain on the field to complete their current term.



Length: Up to 1 year 
Age: 18+



Length: 2-3 years 
Age: 18+



Length: 5+ years 
Age: 18+

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

ROMANS 10:14-15