A Faith Journey Leads to New Ministries

A Faith Journey Leads to New Ministries

The names in this article have been changed due to security.

James and Sara have learned that the joy of serving is brought not by the place or circumstances of service but by obeying God’s call in whatever task that was given to them.

James Stewart likens his faith journey to a baseball diamond. Each base represents a different country where the Lord led him and his wife, Sara, during their missionary service with Global Partners. Now, as they prepare to transition yet again, James believes they are headed toward home plate.

The Stewarts’ journey with Global Partners began in the Philippines 30 years ago. The couple met in medical school. Prior to meeting James, Sara was motivated by a Wesleyan mentor who spoke at a church’s mission gathering, and she soon felt called to medical missions. She prayed for a companion, asking, “Lord, I’ll go after I finish medical school. Can you provide someone to go with me?”

Sara met James, whose calling toward medical missions emerged during his time in pediatric residency. The two were married in 1987 and arrived in Zambia, their first mission field, almost a year later. The couple spent two terms providing holistic health care in Zimba Mission Hospital before transitioning with their newborn twins to Nepal where they spent seven years as human development workers. After completing two terms in Nepal, James was appointed to serve as Asia Area Director for Global Partners. They were based out of their home country of the Philippines. James provided oversight to 12 countries in the region. In that decade, the couple witnessed God’s favor seeing n churches multiply in one country from 14 to 46 in a span of four years;

  • people oppressed by evil spirits delivered and healed;
  • families decimated by earthquakes and flooding rebuild their lives;
  • sick people healed through prayers;
  • women who were marginalized and vulnerable to human trafficking empowered after engaging in biblical teachings.

During the past two years, the Stewarts prayed for an open door where they would once again be able to better engage in medical work. That prayer was answered in April 2017 when they found a ministry opportunity in East Asia. During an exploratory trip, James visited a bustling 700-bed regional hospital that houses an international clinic. At this clinic, junior doctors participate in a family practice residency training program. Additionally, the Stewarts joined in conversations with college students at an English language student learning center. In this coffeehouse setting, they found their Asian cultural background and spiritual knowledge helpful as they interfaced with students. They discovered ways of connecting with the senior population through a senior health home care program, traditional exercises, and English classes. They were also introduced to an indigenous gathering of people cultivating their faith—a group they look forward to working and building relationships with for the longer haul.

The Stewarts see this journey as a baseball diamond. First base: Zambia. Second base: Nepal. Third base: Philippines. Home plate: East Asia. They are currently in a year of partnership development in the United States, rebuilding and completing their support and prayer teams. If you want to know more about their new outreach, the Stewarts can be contacted via Global Partners at info@gponline.org.

Please join us in prayer for the Stewart family.

  • Pray that individuals, health care professionals, and church partners would be compelled to invest with them in this ministry.
  • Pray that they would learn the new language efficiently and effectively.
  • Pray that they transition well from their time in partnership development into their new East Asia community.
  • Pray that they would receive encouragement within their new East Asia community and from their supporters at home.
  • Pray for them as they mentor medical students and other students, providing a source of encouragement, both professionally and spiritually.