I am so grateful for your ongoing support and prayers for the global Wesleyan Church as the weeks of Covid-19 carry on for us all.

Since the start of the pandemic, over 200 partners like you have given over $300,000 to bring relief and bless the Church across the globe. These efforts have reached 38 countries in 44 unique fields, impacting well over 40,000 people!

Thank you for providing direct practical assistance and for bringing great encouragement to our Wesleyan sisters and brothers around the world!

Early in February 2021, the Covid-embattled country of Myanmar suffered yet another blow as the military staged a coup to oust the democratically elected government. This latest development has led to even greater hardship for members of The Wesleyan Church of Myanmar. Once again, our global Church family needs our help. One of Myanmar’s national leaders wrote:

We, The Wesleyan Church of Myanmar, are doing good so far. But we are already in a difficult situation because of Covid-19, which is now doubled by more trouble caused with the military coup. Cost of living increases and jobless people are increased more than before. So, most of our pastors and church members are facing family problems by the current situation right now.


We all have lost our freedom, peace, justice, and a better future. We are now living in fear not knowing what is going to happen next. We would be grateful if you could contribute to the relief works and continue to pray for our country.

What an opportunity for Wesleyans in North America to stand with our sisters and brothers in Myanmar — to join with them in bearing their heavy burden, as the gospel calls us to do.

Will you partner with Global Partners to respond with the love of Christ to those who need it most?

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a global crisis on a massive scale. Because of the continuing economic impact, we have new financial needs like this one from Myanmar and others from our global Wesleyan Church family.

To help continue our global Covid-19 response, give today at gponline.org/covid-give