History and Constitution


To chart a course for the future, we look back at the development of Wesleyan Missionary Alumni Fellowship and see how we as missionaries deployed around the world. We hope you as readers enjoy this brief walk through the hallways of ministry as recorded and shared by so many of your missionary colleagues.

Read below for:

  • Alumni minutes of planning, reporting sessions, and actions taken from the days of formation up to the current time.
  • Biographies both published and unpublished that reflect the lives and testimonies of missionary personnel as well as describe the fields where they served.

Alumni Fellowship Minutes and Notes




I. Name

The name of this organization is Wesleyan Missionary Alumni Fellowship (WMAF).

II. Membership

All persons who have served in the employ of Global Partners/Wesleyan World Missions as active missionaries, with their spouses and families, and Global-Opportunity Network Employees who have served one year or more, are eligible and welcome to participate in the activities, relationships, and ministries of the Wesleyan Missionary Alumni Fellowship.

III. Purpose

The WMAF exists in order to:

    1. Value and cherish alumni for their years of service.
    2. Maximize the wealth of knowledge and experience resident in the missionary alumni for the purpose of continued enhancement of the missionary cause.
    3. Encourage alumni to preserve friendships and to network for fellowship.
    4. Provide a committed and informed prayer support team for the ministries of Global Partners.

IV. Goals

In order to fulfill its purpose, the WMAF shall pursue the following goals:

    1. Maintain an up-to-date database of all former Wesleyan missionaries and volunteers who request membership and qualify as described in Section I.
    2. Create communication links, such as a quarterly newsletter, websites, and other media, which will include alumni news, prayer requests, and ministry opportunities, with provision for a means of response.
    3. Facilitate the establishment of local and area alumni gatherings.
    4. Mobilize alumni for prayer teams and mentoring relationships.
    5. Encourage and recruit members to serve Global Partners in places of urgent needs overseas.

V. Administrative Structure

The WMAF shall function under the following administrative guidelines:

    1. The WMAF shall be under the purview of the Executive Director of Global Partners of The Wesleyan Church through the Global Partners representative.
    2. The Global Partners representative, and in consultation with the Executive Committee chairman, shall appoint an executive committee, whose duties are to provide general oversight and direction to the WMAF. Executive committee members shall serve for a term of six years with one third to expire in each session, and may not be reappointed. The GP representative shall be an ex-officio member.
    3. The executive committee shall meet biannually at the call of the GP representative in conjunction with the chairman, who also shall decide the time and place of the meeting.
    4. The GP representative shall appoint a chairman of the executive committee, whose duties are to provide leadership for the WMAF and ensure that its purpose and goals are fulfilled. The chairman shall serve for a term of six years, and may be reappointed.
    5. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the executive committee or Global Partners, with final approval by the Executive Director.

*Revised August 2019