The 5 Phases, Global Partners big-picture strategy, culminates with Phase 5: Multiplying Movements. Our end goal is that countries which once received missionaries would join the mission-sending force. Recently, the leaders of The Wesleyan Church of Mongolia went through a nine-month training and coaching experience designed to help them launch a mission- sending organization. Following the training, here is what the National Leader, Pastor Naraa, had to say.

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

I thank God for the establishment of the year-long Mission Sending Organization training program we recently completed.

In the past, our mission work and church planting were done by passion, faith, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the little experience we gained through the years. This training has given us even more wisdom, strategy and networks to continue this work into the future.

Our church’s desire is to plant new local churches every four years. The vision keeping us inspired is “to set up beacons that will shine on the nations.”

Even now, we are praying and preparing to send one family to become missionaries in another Asian country. The recent training we were blessed with was crucial to help us approach this opportunity more strategically to fulfill our vision.

We learned valuable lessons about how to prepare and care for missionaries, the keys to fruitful and long-term mission work and how to raise funds. It was a productive and well-executed experience, full of applicable knowledge.

Additionally, we were connected with people from different Wesleyan mission organizations around the world, which represented a wide variety of cultures. Our hearts were blessed and encouraged through hearing wonderful testimonies of what God is doing around the world.

I sincerely appreciate (an unnamed) Global Partners missionary’s effort and hard work. I am also thankful for the speakers who shared their knowledge, experience and passion.

Now it’s time for us to put everything we learned into action. We kindly ask for your prayers for the establishment of the Mongolian Mission Sending Organization, building a unified team, laying the foundation with God’s wisdom, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, commitment and for applying our new knowledge.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters in faith. May God’s grace be abundant upon you.