Rev. Yusuf Oyo is one of the three national lecturers at the Wesleyan Bible Institute in Uganda. Rev. Oyo and Robina, his wife (pictured above), have also been pastoring the Buwuni Wesleyan Church for almost two years. When they first started the Buwuni church, they put up a temporary place to worship—and then a strong wind blew it down. They persevered by rebuilding it, but it was still a semi-permanent building.

This past July, a team of eight men came the Lexington City Church in Kentucky to help build a permanent church building for the Buwuni Wesleyan congregation. It was a fathers/sons team—four fathers and four sons. During the day, the team worked on the church building. In the evenings, the team met with some of the men in the church, teaching them how to be good fathers in their homes.

Fathers and sons from other churches in Uganda and Kenya also came to help build the church and to learn how to develop strong relationships in their families and with God. Evangelistic teams went out into the town to share the good news of Jesus. Fourteen people were lead to Jesus, with four of them now worshipping with the believers at Buwuni Wesleyan Church.

By the time the fathers/sons team from America departed Uganda, the church was up to roof level with trusses. The only thing left now is to put the iron sheets on top. Soon the congregation can begin using the building as a worship center. During that week, the fathers/sons work team helped to build a worship center, helped fathers develop better relationships with their sons, and left some new believers in the church.

Pray for The Buwuni Wesleyan Church to reach the following goals they have set by 2027:

  • to have 500 covenant members
  • to plant two churches
  • to train 20 leaders
  • to establish a primary school on their property