Call to Prayer — A Big 3

Call to Prayer — A Big 3

As the pandemic begins to wane, we find ourselves very grateful for prayers that have carried us through this time. But it’s always a time to pray. Three big things stand out right now for us as Wesleyans and as Global Partners.

BIG PRAYER #1–The Conflict in Europe

All over the world people are concerned about the events in Eastern Europe with Ukraine and Russia. I’m grateful for Wesleyan Churches and Global Partners missionaries who are on the front lines, caring for people most affected. Providing food, clothing, housing and other supplies is just the beginning. Despite language and cultural barriers, pastors and their congregations in Poland and the Czech Republic are reaching out in relational ways to carry the burdens and losses of so many who are affected. As of mid-April, $244,084 had been raised, with a new goal of reaching $300,000. To learn more or to donate, visit:

Prayers are requested for:

  • Those who have fled the regions and those who remain.
  • Those, on both sides, so deeply impacted by fear, concerns and loss of life
  • The necessary funds (goal of $300,000) for both immediate and long-term rebuilding needs


BIG PRAYER #2–The General Conference of The Wesleyan Church

Postponed twice since 2020, General Conference is now scheduled for May 22-25 in St. Louis, Missouri. Delegates will gather from all over the North American church as well as internationally, under the theme of “Unleashed.” While there will be a focus on conference business, there is also a focus on the unique call to become a Kingdom Force Unleashed everywhere to everywhere. Specifically pray for:

  • The opening prayer service on Sunday night May 22. This is an extension of a journey to Pentecost which begins on May 9. (
  • Holy Spirit to draw us close and empower us to be unleashed.
  • The elections and business sessions.
  • Tuesday evening, May 24 focused on unleashing a call to Ministry, to Missionaries, to Marketplace Multipliers.


BIG PRAYER #3– Everywhere to Everywhere Experience

Following General Conference 45 persons will gather focused on the mission of Everywhere to Everywhere. Those attending represent the International Wesleyan Church from regions around the world. This group will focus on sending missionaries from Everywhere to Everywhere—especially to the hardest places where 4 in 10 have no access to the gospel in their community. Please pray for:

  •  Deep trust and unity among the leaders
  • A discernment of Holy Spirit guidance
  • Beginning partnerships to send and receive workers
  • A sense of next steps together

Your prayers make a difference! Thanks for joining together in these BIG 3 prayer initiatives.

*Pictured above: Jason McFrederick with Matt Blake and a Ukrainian refugee and friend. Jason and Matt were treated to a homemade Ukrainian stew as they continue to foster a relationship with this new friend.