COVID-19 Global Response Fund Update

COVID-19 Global Response Fund Update

As of April 29, 2020, over $194,000 has been given to Global Partners’ COVID-19 Global Response Fund. In the very first days of this incredible provision, Global Partners was able to immediately send out more than $66,000. Because of this giving fast response, we didn’t need to hesitate in responding to the requests as they were received. And with so much changing from one day to the next, we can confidently continue to provide assistance and support to our brothers and sisters around the world.

Here is a snapshot of what’s taken place and where this Global Response Fund has made an impact:

Croatia: Funding has helped support church operations and to provide food assistance to members of the church, as many members are now facing job loss.

Poland: With restrictions on gatherings, the church lost about 30% of their budgeted funds. Through the Global Response Fund, we have been able to assist ministry staff with food expenses and basic utilities, such as electricity and water.

Nigeria: The church saw the need to provide food assistance and community outreach for up to 500 people, giving each person a food packet comprised of essentials like rice, oil, and beans.

Chad: Through the expansion of the church in Nigeria to the country of Chad, they are extending their response to include these food packets, assisting up to 100 people in this new work.

Peru: Local church pastors affected by this pandemic through church gathering restrictions have received assistance from us.

Mongolia: Fifty-nine (59) families from our various Wesleyan churches, as well as 122 unchurched families in their local communities, have received food assistance (flour, meat, rice, and vegetables). Help with church expenses has also been provided.

Sri Lanka: One hundred and sixty-six (166) church members are being helped in regard to assistance in lost wages, as well as 14 families with home rental payment assistance. Due to an inability to hold church services, help with operational expenses was also received.

Gujarat, India: More than 100 grocery packets were compiled for our Wesleyan families who are on daily wages. Some of our church people have contributed as per their capacity, but many have lost their income due to lockdown and are facing joblessness. So, this assistance is able to help meet their daily needs.

Mumbai, India: Two hundred (200) individuals from our church were supported with food assistance

Chhattisjgarh, India: We are seeing up to 850 people in our 13 church communities receive food assistance, as many have been without work and churches have not been able to meet.

Wesleyan Methodist Church of East India: Because of the lockdown, all the services of the church are unable to continue. And while the church gatherings have stopped and many family incomes have been cut, the church has to spend a considerable amount of its available funds to help families in need. So, we can celebrate that workers and church staff, up to 33 individuals, have been helped and supported at this time. One hundred and sixty (160) families, reaching up to 1000 people, are being helped with one rice bag each

Myanmar: Received assistance has helped to cover church operational expenses, facilitate outreach to the local community, and provide food assistance to as many as 200 church member families.

Pakistan: The local church is being supported as they work to assist nearly 1,700 families through food provision.

Nepal: The church Is working to provide 500 believers with food assistance, as well as the means to minister to their communities by providing 500 unbelievers with food assistance.

Bangladesh: The church has been working tirelessly to help 1,000 families (4,500 people) with food assistance and hygiene supplies.

To help Wesleyan churches around the world, give to Global Partners’ COVID-19 Global Response Fund by clicking HERE.