Day to Day Faithful Obedience

Day to Day Faithful Obedience

*Z and *L are long-term workers who have been serving the Nune people since 2016. They focus on the very early stages of evangelism, as they pursue spiritual conversations in a predominately Muslim culture. They pray for and look for people who are open to reading the scriptures and sharing them with others. L recently felt discouraged about her purpose and work there, and found deep encouragement in an unexpected place.

In the midst of ministry, discouragement can creep in. I’m so grateful to serve with my husband and four kids – but some days, family life requires so much of my time and energy that there can be little left for “ministry” outside my home. After an especially demanding season at home, I started asking myself: “Is this making any difference? What’s my purpose here anyway?”


I shared these feelings of discouragement with a local believing friend in my city. She responded:

“Don’t EVER be discouraged! Just being here, seeing your family in the city, is such an encouragement for us believers. We realize we are not forgotten in our country! We need to see what believing marriages and families look like. We never have! Let us learn from you – we will share the Gospel with the people in our city! Thank you for being here with your kids!”

I’ve been reminded that we can’t fully see how our obedience to God makes a difference. We also discussed challenges first-generation believers like my friend face living in an Islamic society. For example, how should spouses resolve conflict? I realized my spiritual inheritance is a God-honoring contrast to life in my city.

Since that chat, I’ve felt a weight lifted. I’m reminded we are reflections of Christ every time we choose His ways, and my daily obedience has a significant ripple effect in the spiritual realm.