On April 13, 2020, Dr. Dennis Jackson challenged Global Partners’ donors, prayer supporters, friends, missionaries, and members of the resource team to raise $143,000 for Global COVID-19 relief. As of the date this publication was printed, a total of $295,000 has been given so far.
The impact from the Global Response Fund continues to grow across our international Wesleyan Church. We have now reached out into 28 countries and onto 34 fields. We estimate that more than 34,000 people have been directly impacted so far.

Many churches around the world are facing hardships and challenges due to COVID-19, and the Karis church in the Turkic-Arabic area is no exception. When the Karis government implemented strict lockdown measures to prevent further spread of the virus, many believers were left without work and without means to provide for their families. In response, the international Wesleyan Church provided the Karis church with a monetary gift, which was distributed to believers in need by a local church leader. This church leader knew of many believers who were unemployed, struggling, and confused by the pandemic and lockdown. Through this gift from the international Wesleyan Church, many Karis believers are rejoicing in God’s provision for their needs.

One believer received money for the rent she was struggling to pay. When she received the news that her rent would be covered, she attributed it as a gift from God’s hand and as evidence of God’s care for her.

Another believing woman, a bold evangelist in her community, experienced a great need during the country’s lockdown measures. One day, still not knowing where she would get the money for this need, she had a dream in which she prayed and told God about her situation. Then she heard the Lord say, “I have prepared help for you.” The very next day, she received the word about the money being distributed for needs among the church. This news was a two-fold blessing — not only would her need be met, but it was also a direct answer to prayer and evidence of the Lord’s provision.

Many similar needs were met among believers who faced pressing financial burdens. The church leader who distributed the gifts described how the money has been fruitful and helpful to many in the church. There was enough for everyone with a need! All those who received financial help expressed extreme gratitude for the unexpected and timely gift.

We want to thank the international Wesleyan Church for being God’s means of provision for the Karis believers. Through this generosity, God has answered prayers and strengthened the faith of our brothers and sisters in the Turkic-Arabic area of the world. Even amid the difficulties of the pandemic, the Karis believers have experienced great blessing. We rejoice together in how God is meeting the needs of his Church through his Church.