Marketplace Multipliers Conference: Coming April 11-13, 2024

Marketplace Multipliers Conference: Coming April 11-13, 2024

As I reflect on our current culture, I see two things happening at the same time: the first is that things are getting harder for the church, (decline of public interest, sudden shift in traditional mores, ministers deciding to leave or retire early). The second thing is that God is raising up the church’s laity right where they are, to do the very things in the marketplace that pastors do in the church: shepherd the people entrusted to them.


The first-ever Marketplace Multipliers Conference, held at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, April 11-13, 2024, is focused on this second thing: a movement God began a few years ago and something we, the church, are just now catching up with. The Marketplace Multipliers Conference will focus on empowering and developing this new and inspiring work of God in our local churches and communities. It’s not about “the next thing” that will get people into church. It’s where the Church itself seems to be headed. Good leaders discern where things are going and get there first. So, this is a conference for leaders of local churches, together with a couple of their key laity, to share best practices and learn how to participate in this movement.


In this conference, we’ll hear from those who are just getting started in their roles as shepherds in the marketplace, as well as from those who’ve been at it a while. We’ll hear from clergy and laity alike – those on the front lines of this movement, and those in the trenches. Beyond the conference itself, our goal is to form a fraternity of pastors and lay people who are called to be conduits of the gospel wherever they are located and encourage each other throughout the year.

If you’re someone who sees this movement of God happening but don’t know what to do next; or if you’re trying something in your church but need friends and colleagues to come alongside you… that’s what this conference is for. That’s why you should make plans to come. I truly want to see you there. I know you’re busy and doing important work for the Kingdom, so I hope you’ll make time for this.

In Christ,

Steve DeNeff, Lead Pastor at College Wesleyan Church