Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College


Country: Zambia   Area: Africa

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Students expected to graduate this year:


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How to pray for the school:

1. Food supplements for the students, they did not harvest well last year

2. Completing the ablution block

3. Many potential students to hear the call of the Lord and connect to PWBC

4. Many students pastors at PWBC to seek baptism with the Holy Spirit

5. Upgrading of the lecturers houses at PWBC

6. Upgrading of students housing at PWBC

7. We pray for the quick establishment of Africa Wesleyan University

8. We pray for the improvement of the water supply situation at PWBC campus, new borehole, pump and water tanks needed

9. 15 Bicycles for transport to enhance students’ practical ministry training

Testimony on behalf of the school: 

The Lord has been very faithful in the life of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College and the mandate to raise world changers of remarkable influence.

It was last year when a community called Kasikili – in Chief Hamaundu, of Pemba District – was raided by demonic forces, to an extent that it was difficult for the members of the village to expect better days of peace and security any more.

So many people had sleepless nights, others were sick, while many people died mysterious deaths, from demonic terrorism.

The village headman, in conjunction with some concerned families realized that the problem was growing and there was urgent need for a lasting solution, for their trust in witch doctors was proving futile. So they recognized there need of spiritual help from the Church.

That is how the Pastor of Maambo PWC Church and the Bible college were asked to come in to help. A team of students went there to conduct prayers and evangelistic campaign, an all night ministry program. Several who were sick and dying got well that same night. The demons that terrorized the village were overcome by Jesus. People slept peacefully thereon.

So many demon possessed people were freed from their demonic slavery, in the name of Jesus.

Immediately, the village headman, the members of the families that were affected and other village people, gave up all they trusted in, turned to Jesus and received Him as their personal Lord and Savior. These saved families called for the Church to be started in Kasikili village.

MAOFA Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, the Church that has been established, has about 120 people attendance every Sunday worship service. Recently, last month, another Church has been planted in the same vicinity – at the call of the Headman, in his interest to transform the lives and hope of his people!

Pray for MAOFA Pilgrim Wesleyan Church with us, as they are building a church hall!
God has used the Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College students and graduates in mighty ways.

Blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Rev. Roy Habbaba.