His pulse quickened, palms grew a bit sweaty, and he struggled to steady his breathing. The far too familiar signs of his anxiety returned yet again.  

Yusuf*, a chef, found himself on the way to work on a Monday morning — hearing the usual Muslim call to prayer sounding all around him. The city’s 14.4 million Muslims would be prompted to fulfill their duty to pray — but without the hope of eternal life found only in Jesus. 

The chef was a successful restaurant owner, a long-time national of his home country who had grown up hearing these calls — and yet while others sharing his bus route would have never noticed, he continued to feel this sense of heavy panic during his morning and evening commutes each week.  

Missionaries, Don* and Shelley*, had already lived in the same city as Yusuf for six years when they first met. During their first meeting over coffee, Don gave Yusuf a Bible. Over a text he then suggested Yusuf read Psalm 23 — sharing just a taste of God’s peace. 

That unlikely pairing of a local chef and a Michigan-born auto worker led to a friendship — one that enabled Yusuf to place his trust in Jesus! 

By the faithful obedience of everyday people like Don and Shelley, those who live in unreached cities, like Yusuf, have a greater chance of hearing about the saving hope of Jesus. 

*Names changed for security reasons.

You can play a part in communicating the hope of the gospel to Yusuf and others in those hard-to-reach places.

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