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Training for teams & support for leaders:

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Get FREE resources for pre-trip training and post-trip debrief.

We want to equip your team with everything you need for a healthy, impactful experience.

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CONNECT with missionaries who host teams

Finding the right fit for your team is important.

We will connect your team to Global Partners missionaries who are committed to hosting teams.

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Simplify The logistics with step-by-step help

There are a lot of logistics involved in leading a short-term trip!

We will guide you step-by-step so you know exactly what you need to do for a smooth experience.

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The Participant Guide and the Team Leader Guide have everything you need to get started!



Leading a short-term team can be a daunting task. We want to make it simpler for you! 

Get everything in one place! Training resources, required forms, a step-by-step checklist, promotional materials, and more!

These two resources are created to be used together:


Training and debriefing are so important to healthy short-term mission trip experiences. We offer resources to help set you up for an impactful experience that benefits everyone involved.


This Fundraising Guide was created for short-term teams and is a great starting place for anyone raising funds. The guide has support letter templates, unique ideas, prayer card templates, a Biblical framework for fundraising, and more!


We offer a guided journal to accompany your short-term mission experience. This journal has lined pages, prompts for self-reflection, questions for team discussion, a debrief guide, and more!

The cost is $12/person, and we can ship them directly to your church before your trip begins.


  There are several forms we need each participant to sign and return to us to have on file before you begin your short-term mission experience.

Each participant serving on a GP field must sign the forms linked above.


 You must be covered by a global health insurance plan to serve in one of our fields. 

  • We suggest using Faith Ventures to purchase your global health insurance for each team participant.

All visitors and volunteers to a GP mission field are required to complete a background check and have it on file with our office. 


We have a long-standing partnership with Golden Rule Travel. They are great to work with and will find your team the best deals on flights.

 Depending on what mission field you are serving with, you may need to purchase a visa to enter the country. Speak with the mission field leaders who are hosting your team to find out if this is needed for you.


Want to speak to someone directly about your team’s upcoming mission experience? We’d love to chat!


Designed to help your team prepare, reflect, and process everything they experience before, during, and after a mission trip.

Group discussions

✓Daily debrief during the trip

✓Individual reflection

✓ Post-trip guide for missional living

For over 130 years, Global Partners has been helping people like you share the gospel by sending missionaries, volunteers, and teams to every corner of the globe. We use our decades of on-the-ground “lessons learned” in more than 90 countries to guide us, as we continue to study and honor cultures and people groups while sharing the Good News. Your calling and role in making disciples around the world matters to us.

It always has.

WANT in-person TRAINING for your TEAM?

We have regional mobilizers all across the U.S. that would love to come to your church and do live training with your team before taking a short-term mission trip.

If you’re interested in having someone come to your church for missional training, complete this form, and we'll be in touch soon!

If being in person is not an option, we can do live, virtual training.


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