Six New Leadership Graduates

Six New Leadership Graduates

Over the last year, the Leadership Development Program has thrived in Guayaquil. This year-long program is designed to help train new lay leaders. Upon completion of the program, they are better equipped and prepared to take on leadership roles.

At the end of May 2019, the first graduation was held to celebrate the six people who completed the program. Of these six graduates, four completed the course this year and two were able to make up some classes they missed the year before. The event was made special because someone from each Wesleyan church in Ecuador was in attendance to show their support. It was truly a time of celebration and rejoicing.

The Wesleyan Church of Ecuador isn’t very big, but it is deepening its roots.

After receiving their certificates, each graduate was given the opportunity to share something impactful from the course. They shared about how much they had learned, and, in particular, they talked about how much they had grown personally through a module based on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. None of the graduates come from easy lives, so to hear them talk about how God is working in them was an incredible testament to the power of the Holy Spirit.

I was given the opportunity to share a few remarks and talked about the fact that The Wesleyan Church of Ecuador isn’t very big, but it is deepening its roots. These new leaders are part of that growth process and add to the strength of the Church overall. Their leadership will help the Church grow strong!

Praise God for this next generation of church leaders. Pray that God would continue to work in their lives, leading them and using them for his glory.

Cover Picture: The first graduates of the Leadership Development Program