Throughout 2021, we dreamt of what it would look like to organize a new community of partners who would team together to provide specifically for the resourcing of all missionaries.

Behind every Global Partners missionary is a huge team of churches and individuals that pray faithfully, as well as give sacrificially. These partners continue to be crucial to the ministry of reaching the world with the gospel.

Team Amplify was formed to come alongside the missionary and their partners to help reduce every missionary’s budget, specifically the portion of funds that provides for missionary resourcing (mobilization, training, care and more).

As we approached our year-end focus of establishing Team Amplify, we had a generous group of partners who gave a matching gift of $60,000 to launch this initiative and to inspire others to join.

We not only met the match by receiving an additional $60,000 in year-end gifts (totaling over $120,000), but we also grew our monthly giving community to over 30 Team Amplify members!

And we’re just getting started. Will you join the team?

By giving a monthly gift to Team Amplify, you’ll be part of this growing community that is making a massive impact around the world. You can join with a monthly gift of any amount – we have team members who give anywhere from $5 to $500+ monthly! The amount isn’t the point. What makes Team Amplify special is that we are working together as a team and joining God in His mission to make disciples of all nations.

As Team Amplify grows, we’ll be able to directly reduce the amount our missionaries currently raise toward the resourcing they need for cross-cultural missions. What an awesome way for us to be a part of God’s work through their ministry!

If you want to learn more about Team Amplify, you can reach out to or visit our website: