The Church of Today in Ecuador

The Church of Today in Ecuador

Broken families. Trying to fit in. Trying to find yourself. Wanting to grow up—yet not wanting to grow up. Looking for purpose and meaning. These are common feelings for youth throughout the world, including the youth of Ecuador.

There are times when ministry workers confuse the idea of having to entertain young people with making sure young people know they are a part of something/Someone bigger than themselves. Something/Someone that gives them meaning and purpose. Something/Someone that gives them hope when all hope feels lost.

The youth at the three churches in Guayaquil are the fastest growing group in our churches. Since March, there have been baptisms of just young people at two of the three churches. These young people are eager to meet together to hear the Word. They want to learn how to work with children, how to lead in worship, and how to evangelize. They are preparing how to be healthy leaders. But they don’t stop with just learning and preparation—they are:

  • teaching kids;
  • leading worship;
  • evangelizing;
  • performing dramas in their churches and on the streets;
  • becoming leaders in their churches.

The youth in Ecuador are not only the church of tomorrow—they are the church of today! God is calling them to be pastors, missionaries, computer programmers, interior designers. And to be the leaders he desires them to be in whatever he is calling them to do. They still struggle with all the things that youth struggle with—that all people struggle with. But they are finding that Jesus is the something/ Someone they are looking for. Please pray for the youth in Ecuador. Pray that they continue to grow in their faith as Christ’s disciples who will make disciples wherever they are.