The Thriving Wesleyan Church in Bangladesh

AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary in Asia* | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Jun 29, 2017

The fourth annual district conference of The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh was held in May 2017. Seventy-one delegates were in attendance. More than 100 people gathered for the occasion. Four years ago, this partnership started with 14 churches and 700 members. Today, there are 46 vibrant Wesleyan churches and 2,160 members! Bangladesh is an Islamic nation, but many people are open to the good news of Jesus Christ

In a matter of four years, the Bangladesh church continued equipping leaders. There are now three ordained ministers and nine licensed pastors serving the church. Thirty young leaders are engaged in Ministry Training Institute (MTI). MTI is a week of intensive sessions and classes held twice a year for leaders who are seriously pursuing ordination. The Wesleyan Church national leader* of Bangladesh is scheduled to complete his MDiv studies through Wesley Seminary by the summer of 2018, with plans to be ordained by mid-2018.

Pray that The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh would continue to flourish. Pray that the leaders and the members would remain faithful to the Lord, especially when faced with the many challenges of proclaiming truth and following Jesus.

*Names omitted for security reasons.