Meet Maddi and your Donor Services Team

Our Donor Services team works relentlessly through the year making sure that the funds that provide relief, sustain projects, invest in schools and hospitals, and keep missionaries on the field are available and flowing. Currently, they are in the middle of transitioning to an even more effective system (fall 2021), so we thought we’d ask the Assistant Director of Development Maddi a few questions
about what’s coming.

AMPLIFIER: Maddi, can you tell us a little about your job and the new things on the horizon for you, the team, and Global Partners’ donors?

MADDI: I have the privilege of serving both with Erika and Robert on the Donor Services team and the greater Development and Communication team. I oversee donor service questions regarding giving, manage our donor data, and give insight to campaigns and initiatives driven by the Development team. I’ve recently stepped into new responsibilities as the product owner for our project to develop the new donor database and online giving system. This means I work with our software developers to make sure they understand the needs of our donors, missionaries, and Resource Team while together we customize our system.

AMPLIFIER: How do you manage to keep engaged with what could be difficult and tedious?

MADDI: I’m really driven by the potential we have to support our missionaries with new technology and world-class customer service. The more we can do for our missionaries in terms of making partnership management easy, the more time and energy they will have to focus on mission. That keeps me motivated.

AMPLIFIER: What are you most excited about in this new technology and system transition?

MADDI: I’m excited to give our donors the experience they deserve and to see the impact that will have on missionaries as they build their support teams. There are some great new features I can’t wait to show you: an intuitive login for individuals, churches, and organizations that grants access to them of their full giving history; the ability to edit existing giving, regardless of when the gift was made; a shopping cart that allows for multiple transactions at once; eReceipts for donors with a valid email address; the ability to securely store payment information –and so much more.

AMPLIFIER: How do you see these impacting donors and the work of Global Partners?

MADDI: Our new systems will allow us to do everything we are doing now–but better, faster, and more accurately, saving donors time and saving us cost. Our goal and hope is to amplify the great work Global Partners’ missionaries and their partners already do–by keeping our donors engaged, attracting new donors, and giving our missionaries better tools to fulfill their calling. I am so grateful to be able to bring these improvements to our partners and can’t wait to hear what you think!