Unexpected Countries with Visa Access for Americans and Canadians

Unexpected Countries with Visa Access for Americans and Canadians

At Global Marketplace Multipliers, we often discuss relocating abroad to integrate faith and work in regions with limited gospel access. Consider destinations like Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, and more, each providing unique long-term residency options for investors, workers, and expatriates. While navigating visas can be complex, with patience and attention to detail, moving abroad is feasible.

While there are other countries with even more unreached populations, here are some examples of surprising countries with unique visa access for Americans and Canadians:

  • Oman grants residency permits for investors, property owners, and employees, boasting a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. With fewer than 3% Christians, it hosts over 27 unreached people groups.
  • Thailand offers various long-term residency pathways, including retirement, marriage, investment, work, education, and permanent residency visas. With fewer than 2% Christians, it is home to 74 unreached people groups.
  • Malaysia’s “Malaysia My Second Home” program allows foreigners to obtain long-term residency with specific financial requirements. With fewer than 10% Christians, it has 77 unreached people groups.
  • The Czech Republic provides long-term residency through job offers, business ventures, investment, family ties, study, or research visas, with citizenship eligibility after five years. With fewer than 29% Christians, it has six unreached people groups.
  • Qatar offers various visa options for employment and business purposes, with a booming economy and expatriate community. With fewer than 7% Christians, it has 13 unreached people groups.
  • Kazakhstan, considered one of the easier options in Central Asia for immigration, has relatively open visa policies and seeks foreign investment and talent. With fewer than 15% Christians, it has 36 unreached people groups.
  • Bahrain boasts a relatively open visa policy, especially for professionals in finance, healthcare, and education sectors. With fewer than 9% Christians, it hosts eight unreached people groups.
  • Indonesia provides Retirement, Employment, and Investment Visas, with spouse-sponsored and dependent options, catering to diverse needs. With fewer than 12% Christians, itis home to an astonishing 240 unreached people groups!

For successful immigration, thorough research on specific visa requirements and consultation with relevant authorities or immigration experts is crucial. Americans and Canadians seeking global immigration policies can consult embassies, official government websites, immigration lawyers, international organizations, and online expat communities for insights from peers. We encourage you to do your homework and we’d love to help point you in the right direction along the way.

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