When We Work as a Team, Our Efforts Are Amplified

When We Work as a Team, Our Efforts Are Amplified

With the first gifts offered by our house church network in Asia and the overwhelming support that continues to pour in, people like Joshe in Bangladesh, like Linus in India, and Andrew in Nigeria and Chad — people just like you and me — have all been able to care for and help their families, churches, and communities in real, practical, and needed ways — all to amplify the mission that matters most.

While my global role is unique in that these faces and names filled my priorities and prayers most weeks before this pandemic, the hope of seeing us continue to cultivate a global Wesleyan movement, as these uncertain days go on, weighs heavy on my heart. I find myself longing for these days of cross-cultural connection and collaboration to continue!

As Global Partners helps to give global focus to the mission of The Wesleyan Church — we want to continue to invite you to be a part of this global response and network in greater ways.

We can’t say it enough — these weeks have been challenging and strange and so very difficult for all of us in different ways — but this global interconnectedness that we’re feeling is a heartbeat that has driven our vision and strategies for years.

Globally, 4 in 10 people live without access to the gospel. This means that over 3 billion people do not have a witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ within their community.

Our mission remains to reach those who are yet without Christ. That mission is more important than ever before. We’re amplifying our strategy to seize the mission of reaching the 4 in 10.

Over the next several months, we want to invite you to learn more about this global strategy, The 5 Phases. We want to show you how you are making a difference and introduce you to the people whose lives are being changed because of your support. You’ll hear missionaries, local leaders, and staff share about our collective work to mobilize more missionaries and spread the hope of Jesus here, near, and far … no matter how hard.

The challenge ahead is great. It will require all of us working together to accomplish the mission. We are confident God will supply the resources necessary to ensure that everyone around the world has the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. We all play an important role in this global strategy to make more disciples. Together, when we work as a team, our efforts are amplified. #TeamAmplify

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” — Romans 10:15 NIV