A No Pressure Process to Discovering Your Purpose Abroad

A No Pressure Process to Discovering Your Purpose Abroad

Are you feeling the need for a deeper impact beyond the daily grind? Are you discontented with the idea of merely climbing the career ladder without a greater purpose?

Perhaps, the call to the nations is a gentle nudge from God. Maybe your future lies in reaching the 4 in 10 worldwide without access to the gospel? Your career could become a conduit for making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM) offers a no-pressure process to help you explore God’s global calling without abandoning your current work. Your skills might be valuable in a different context, or you could work remotely while living among those who need your witness of Jesus Christ.

A GMM is a Christian leveraging marketable skills in the global economy, intentionally engaging cross-culturally to build relationships, sharing their faith, and contributing to global disciple-making.

As J.D. Greear wisely puts it, “God made you good at something. Do it well for the glory of God, but do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God.”

For more information, visit globalpartnersonline.org/gmm or reach out to the GMM team at gmm@gponline.org. Uncover the potential of your skills in the broader scope of God’s mission.