A Knock and a Choice

A Knock and a Choice

Jesus, the Savior of the world, comes knocking at the doors of all nations. Different cultures have different ways of knocking on doors. I imagine that Jesus knocks in the way in which they are accustomed. But no matter the entryway or method, our Savior is knocking on the hearts of everyone in this world 

Some people receive a knock on the door with fear and peek out to see who is knocking. Others receive a knock with impatience because it’s an untimely interruption. In some situations, a knock on the door is greeted with “Who is it?” in a voice of anger or timidity or anticipation. Some cultures receive a knock with great honor and consider it a great shame to turn away a guest of any kind. While others receive a knock with joy, swinging the door wide open with hugs and terms of endearment. Other times the door is not opened, but remains bolted. 

Jesus comes to the doorof the nations with everything they need as their Healer, Bread of Life, Comforter, Mighty Counselor, and Prince of PeaceJesus knocks on doors, but some nations keep their doors securely bolted on the outside, but inside, he is knocking on the individual hearts as they peek out considering whether to open their doors 

They watch Jesusfollowers and are curious. They are touched through prayers with Spirit-led encounters and dreams. They find biblical truth through the web. One soul in a town with no believers reads the Scripturesdeciding whether to accept Jesus and share him with her influence group. The Holy Spirit is wooing people who are disenfranchised with the world and what it offers back to himself. 

Jesus is knocking on doors everywhere. What is your role in his great kingdom plans to see doors opening to the Savior of the world? Yes, you have a role!