Would You Pray for the Brahmin of India?

Would You Pray for the Brahmin of India?

In our Global Marketplace Multipliers series, we’ve been focusing on the largest unreached people groups* globally, those exceeding 10 million in population. This list has expanded to 36 groups, including two that grew beyond 10 million since the series began. Both, like many others, are in India.

India, with 1.43 billion people, holds 19 of the world’s most unreached groups, over half of the list. Take a moment to reflect on this in prayer. If we pray about the unreached, then India must be on our lips often.

Understanding more than a billion people, especially when most are unreached, can be challenging. In India’s diverse landscape, it’s helpful to pray for subgroups, like the Brahmin.

The Brahmin are a complicated group of people in India to describe, and it would be easy to make assumptions of all of them that are not true of individuals, but most agree that the Brahmin are a prominent social and intellectual class in India that hold a distinct place in the culture.

Traditionally associated with priestly and scholarly roles, Brahmins played pivotal roles in upholding religious practices, education, and societal order in India. Despite debates on caste dynamics, Brahmins persist as a vital part of India’s social fabric, blending tradition with adaptation.

Brahmin are often seen as educated and part of higher socio-economic groups. Brahmin are often educators, law makers, scholars, medical personnel, poets, landowners, civil servants, journalists, writers, editors, computer programmers, engineers as well as many other diverse professions.

A full 34 million can be identified as Brahmin and 0.00% are Christian. It is possible some who know Christ might move to India for their profession and serve as Global Marketplace Multipliers, sharing the love of Jesus with those they work alongside, including the Brahmin in their field of work.

As we pray, let’s envision the love of Christ reaching this influential community, and pray for other Indians who know Jesus to share His love with them.

*Unreached People Groups (UPG) are communities with limited exposure to the Gospel, typically residing in remote or culturally isolated areas. Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM) directs its focus toward UPGs, with a particular emphasis on those surpassing a population of 10 million, known as “Frontier People Groups.” While all unreached people matter, these communities represent the most unreached populations globally, deserving strategic attention for prayer and mission, so GMM raises awareness about their critical needs.