This page is all about Unreached People Groups (UPG), communities often situated in remote or culturally isolated regions with minimal exposure to the Gospel. Among the unreached people groups, Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM) is giving focus to the “Frontier People Groups,” those surpassing 10 million in population. While all unreached people everywhere are important to God, we also recognize the scale of the gospel need of these communities as the most unreached globally.

We believe one of the key strategies for reaching these groups is for people to become Global Marketplace Multipliers and move to where these groups live for their work, gaining access to their country and making disciples.


The Joshua Project has insightfully defined these Frontier People Groups as an Unreached People Group (UPG) with virtually no followers of Jesus and no known movements to Jesus and that still needs pioneer cross-cultural workers.

They explain further:

  • Frontier People Groups are those with 0.1% or fewer Christian Adherents
  • Frontier People Groups have no confirmed, sustained movement to Jesus
  • The pioneer workers there are generally limited to working with non-believers entirely – while in other UPGs, it is often possible to partner with same-culture believers.

Joshua Project data shows there are 4,977 Frontier People Groups with a total population of 2,031,577,000. It’s astonishing to realize that one fourth of the world lives in these FPGs and have almost no chance of hearing about Jesus from someone in their own people group.

What’s more, about half the population of all the Frontier People Groups live in just 38 of those, each over ten million in population. Those are where our focus begins here:

Frontier People Groups

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