It had been quite a while since I had met with “The Chef.”* I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is a young man who accepted Christ early in 2017.

As it turns out, God had The Chef on quite a journey. In the previous months, he had been sent to Africa as a cultural ambassador and prepared food at a summit of national leaders, including a country’s president.

I asked how he was doing spiritually, and he explained how his life is so much different now. He said he shares Jesus with everyone, everywhere.

I wondered aloud if his mom had taken any interest in his new belief. He immediately led me to the bulletin board on his restaurant. He showed me a piece of paper his mom had printed out that read: “Exalted is the most high God, for He suffered for our sins.” On this piece of paper was the official stamp of their business and his mom’s signature. “My mom believes now too,” he said.

The Chef shares Jesus with everyone, everywhere.

What a miracle and answer to prayer! He also went on to say he thinks his sister, who is married, is close to believing.

Even though he is very busy with work, I decided to ask what he does in his free time. He mentioned that he gets together with a group of people on Friday nights. “What do you do together?” I asked.

“My friends have a philosophy club and like to talk about new age ideas. But we almost always end up talking about Jesus.”

When I asked how many people are normally there, his response nearly knocked me off my chair. “Usually about 30,” he said.

God transformed The Chef’s heart and is using him to be light to those around him.

This is not the type of story that we are used to hearing here among the Fotizo people—let alone being able to be a part of. This is nothing short of extraordinary!

God has transformed this man’s heart and is using him to be light to those around him. We give God the glory for The Chef’s testimony. It is an answer to prayers. We urge you to continue praying that Jesus would bring others to himself through this man. Pray also that God would continue to use us in the same way.

*Names changed and omitted for security reasons. The men in the article are not pictured here.