Exciting Introductions

Exciting Introductions

As the new year begins, we want to introduce you to Global Partners missionaries who were newly appointed or newly launched in 2023. We are excited to see these individuals boldly step into the calling God has laid before them. Whether they are still in the fundraising stages or have recently arrived on the field, we ask that you would join us in praying for them. If you’re interested in learning more about them or joining in their support, please contact us at info@gponline.org.


Bethany* recently arrived on the field to serve the Nune people. Since arriving, she is praising the Lord for His provision. She writes that He has shown up in many incredible ways and answered many prayers. He has provided people and places that have brought her great encouragement. In addition, she praises God for her prayer supporters and financial partners who faithfully advocate to the Father on her behalf.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how God moves in ways only He can move by the power of His Spirit! I am leaning forward in eager anticipation of future connections, relationships and cups of tea around tables that will lead to spiritual conversations and kingdom impact.”

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for emotional stability and for a heart that is constantly growing in dependency on the father
  • Pray for the ongoing language learning process
  • Pray for continued relationship building between her team and locals

Jeff and Diane Gilbert

Jeff and Diane hope to leave for Nicaragua in September 2024. God has been expanding their vision for Nicaragua and growing them in many ways. They are excited to see how God will continue to grow them and are very excited to get started!

Prayer requests:

  • For partnership development
  • For their grown children who are at various places in their journey with God – pray for their growth and protection

The King* Family

Ezra*, Jessica* and baby Sarah* are hoping to leave for the field in South Asia this February. This family of three is looking forward to making this move and building loving and trusting relationships with unreached neighbors. They are also excited to partner with the small local church in South Asia, and live as Jesus-followers among a nation that has very little access to the Good News.

The King* family says, “We’re praising the Lord with all our hearts for His faithful presence … He is consistent, kind and trustworthy.”

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the Lord to provide an apartment for them to move into
  • For the Lord to richly bless the beginnings of this family’s language learning
  • For God to arrange relationships with their neighbors

Collette Nybakken

Collette hopes to leave for Cambodia by early summer of 2024. She praises the Lord for His continued faithfulness and is constantly reminded of His perfect timing. She is also praising Him for his providence in the ways everything is coming together for this new chapter. She is most looking forward to moving onto the field and beginning her life in Cambodia!

Prayer Requests:

In January she will have just left her job and moved back in with her parents to begin full-time Partnership Development.

  • Pray for this transition
  • Pray for the preparations over the next few months

Mike & Shawna

Mike and Shawna plan to leave for Central Europe this month (January). They are praising the Lord for their awesome partners who give generously and pray for them. They are also praising the Lord for His timeline and how He has worked out all of the details in perfect time. They are most looking forward to being immersed in a different culture and language, and seeing who God will connect them with.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for their visas
  • Pray for adapting to the culture and language learning
  • Pray for meaningful connections with their neighbors and community, specifically those of Muslim backgrounds


Daniel* arrived on the field to serve the Nune people this past fall. He is praising God that He has met people and created new friendships, despite language barriers. He has also had opportunities to share His faith with and pray for local people. He is most looking forward to gaining more language ability, having more conversations and developing more personal relationships.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for language learning
  • Pray for continued connection and cultural adjustment during the winter months, when most people remain indoors


Natalie* recently arrived on the field to serve the Fotizo people. Since arriving, she dealt with the unfortunate heartache of receiving a declined longterm visa. In the meantime, she has shifted to serve the Karis people with the Global Partners team there. She said the Holy Spirit has been comforting and affirming her with Psalm 23. Natalie says, “I am reminded that despite the uncertainty this situation brings, God is with me and He is faithful.”

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for this unexpected transition
  • Pray for language learning
  • Pray for the Fotizo team, and the Karis team
  • Pray that Natalie* will continue to sense God’s guiding hand

Additionally, please pray for the individuals who are working toward their appointment with Global Partners! We eagerly anticipate what God is doing and will do in their lives as well.

*Names changed due to security reasons.