Exploring Why this Mission Matters

Exploring Why this Mission Matters

Global Partners Regional Mobilizer Walks


Global Partners Regional Mobilizer, Mindy Tharnish, is exploring the foundations of missions in a Sunday School class at Revive Wesleyan (New York) with hopes to both educate and inspire.

Mindy, who served as a missionary for Global Partners (GP) in Eastern Asia for two years, explained that she will be using the “Journey to the Nations” study written by Mark Sigmon.

The course, which starts off with “What does the Bible really say about missions?” will walk participants through other sections like “How can we serve those who go,” and even begin to explore “What does God want me to do next?”

The idea behind hosting the study at Revive Wesleyan, is to provide church members with a foundational understanding of why missions matter and what their personal role in it could look like.

Revive Wesleyan sends 4-5 short-term mission trips each year and holds the value of mission work as a high priority. Bjorn Webb, Revive Wesleyan’s outreach director, said he is excited for participants to learn more and grasp why the church participates in missions, as well as what the Bible has to say about it.

“My hope is that every participant will leave this study feeling inspired and excited to push onward with their role in God’s mission to our hurting world,” Bjorn said. “I hope that this study can be a call to action.”

Mindy mentioned that in addition to the short-term trips, only a handful of individuals have been sent as long-term missionaries over the past 20 years. She said she wonders, if people are participating in short-term teams every year, surely more of them are being called to long-term mission work.

“My hope for this study is that more people will be inspired to participate in God’s global mission,” she added.

Fellow GP Regional Mobilizer, Michalla Arbour, recently walked through this study with a group at Kentwood Community Church, as well. Michalla said the time spent going through the study was “fruitful,” with 25-30 participants meeting once per week over the course of 6-8 weeks.

“They were very engaged throughout the class time,” Michalla said. “Some had their eyes opened to the unreached areas of the world and the abundance of needs and opportunities for people to go and share the Gospel in those areas.”

Eventually, Mindy said she might have the opportunity to lead the study at other Revive campuses. Would you join us in praying for the participants as they explore what God says about missions and what their call might look like?

“Pray for the courage for all of us to be obedient when we hear God speak,” Bjorn said. “Hearing is one thing, acting in response to hearing is something different altogether.  Pray that we won’t rely upon our own strategy and get in the way of experiencing the joy of depending upon the Holy Spirit.”If you are interested in learning more about this study or connecting with a Regional Mobilizer, please email us at info@gponline.org for more.