God Has Been Faithfully Working All Along

God Has Been Faithfully Working All Along

 In the region of the world where the Global Partners Fotizo team lives and serves, there is a lack of opportunity to hear or see a way of life that is different from the dominant religion of Islam. People simply don’t know of any other way to live. 

At times this has felt staggering to the Fotizo team, especially a decade ago. They were overwhelmed by the numbers of people who were living in hopelessness, and bearing the burden of an empty religion. 

This led to a season of prayer specifically focused on interceding for the people around them to have dreams and visions, and for those encounters to lead to pathways of searching. 

Over the years, the Fotizo team has often wondered if and how God was answering those prayers along with the prayers of many others. Now, a decade later, they are seeing how God has been faithfully working all along! 

Two Fotizo teammates recently made a long journey across their massive city to meet with two men who connected with them through a Bible app. 

 The teammates later shared that one of the guys had a vision about Jesus 11 years ago and soon left Islam to follow Christ. With no churches or other believers near him, he lived a quiet and secret life of faith as he searched online for answers. A few short years later, he gained the courage to begin sharing with others. God honored his courage and there is now a group of around 30 of his family and friends who have put their faith in Christ! 

As the Fotizo team reflected back to 11 years ago, they remembered how they had been praying intensely for Jesus to call people to Himself through dreams and visions. Then, about the same time that this man gained courage to share his faith, several Fotizo teammates were praying that God would draw whole families and relational networks of people. 

 Praise God for the wonderful opportunity of coming alongside this group of believers and others, to see fellowships grow and new communities multiplied! The challenges that often seem to outweigh the spiritual breakthroughs in pioneer ministry settings like this one are seeming smaller in comparison to how God has been working. 

Please pray for the team serving the Fotizo people as they discern how to best serve and equip groups of disciples like this to multiply. Pray that the team will have faith to continue believing there is going to be a response to prayers prayed and seeds sown.