COVID-19 realities seem to be ever-changing — for all of us around the world. Missionaries to Ecuador, Jim and Lori Rice, recently shared a few updates on how their lives and ministry have been impacted.

COVID-19 started to develop so quickly in Ecuador. Late this spring, after much prayer and counsel with various leaders, we made the journey to Marion, Indiana. With so much uncertainty marking this season, trusting God has been a daily journey.

Amidst our quick exit, it has been incredible to see God working in the local church among our community in Ecuador. One leader, Juan Carlos, has stepped up to respond to the ongoing needs and is providing guidance and direction to many in this crucial time.

We ask that you pray with us for The Wesleyan Church in Ecuador. Pray that God would saturate the Ibero-America Wesleyan Church with the gospel, even digitally in these weeks. Pray for those most affected by the devastating difficulties of COVID-19 in the Ibero- America countries, for the lost to continue to find hope in Jesus, and for even more disciples to be made throughout the global Church in spite of what we often see as barriers to the gospel being shared.

We’ve seen firsthand how God is using the unique opportunity of technology in relationships as we keep up with several friends in Ecuador over Zoom. I (Lori) have a good friend who I connect with regularly since I teach her daughters English. In these weeks, I’ve been able to share more about the gospel with her, especially encouraging as she is from a nominal Catholic background. We’ve been talking at length about how we are to be disciples who make disciples. Amazing how God is moving in our weekly conversations!

As we adjust to life here in Indiana, many of our everyday moments remind us that God wants to use us wherever we are — even if it seems like an interruption.