More than “Good Vibes”

More than “Good Vibes”

“I love the atmosphere, and the people are so friendly!”

“I feel so welcome here!”

“Our kids love coming here.”

“It’s so peaceful here.”

“I get a really good vibe from this place.”

This is just some of the feedback that we have heard from people in the community since the opening of our ministry center. In the fall of 2023, in coordination with other Christ-followers from different organizations, countries and theological backgrounds, we opened an intercultural community center for the purpose of meeting local needs, building community and giving people an outlet to express their creativity. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and free to creatively express their cultures. Through the relationships that are formed at our center, we pray that we can share the Good News of a welcoming Savior.

All our programs are intentionally tailored to foster community and creativity. Current regular programs include a language café, homework help for elementary school students, and a parents and kids music group. We also offer a monthly community meal where people can share food from their culture and sample the foods of other cultures. Additionally, we hosted a Christmas party last December and an art exhibition this spring, the latter of which attracted some professional artists, eager to have a free space to display their brilliant artwork.

While none of our programs are overtly evangelistic, we are open about the fact that all of us on the team are followers of Christ. However, none of our programs are “bait and switch,” meaning, when participants attend language café, the discussion topics are not religious in nature. If participants initiate spiritual conversations themselves, we gladly engage with them and then offer to meet them outside of program hours for coffee, a walk, or other activity to continue the discussion. This has happened several times with various team members in the last few months, so even though we do not openly evangelize to participants during programs, they are still hearing the Gospel.

We offer all our programs and activities free of charge. This means that our intercultural community center is funded by the generosity of local individuals and churches, as well as the sacrificial giving of our sending team. If you would like to give a one-time or recurring gift towards our ministry center and be part of people encountering Christ across cultures, you may give here:

It has been our prayer since the time the center was a mere vision that the Holy Spirit would dwell at our facility, and that people would notice a palpable difference there, because they are experiencing the presence of God. We know that the welcoming “atmosphere” and “good vibe” is none other than the Lord Himself. We invite you to join us in prayer as we continue to point people to Christ, the ultimate welcomer.