Government instability, corruption and frequent natural disasters have held Haiti in a state of disorder for years. On top of the fighting and rioting among political groups and a lack of military force, the assassination of Haiti’s president in July 2021 has left the government in shambles.

Sadly, this unrest resulted in an evacuation of our Global Partners missionaries in Haiti. As of October 2021, the team departed to either work remotely from the United States or to help with ministries in Africa for the time being.

The Haiti Missionary Team Leader, Greg Edmonds, said they are continuing to closely monitor the security situation as new information comes out almost daily.

“Global Partners has no plans to abandon Haiti,” he said. “A final decision on travel to the island of La Gonave is still being made, but at this point it seems like only a few short visits will be possible.”

Kris and Cory Thede and their son Fritz are one missionary family who will serve for three months in Africa to help with agricultural needs.

“It is hard not knowing what comes next,” Cory wrote. “It is hard not doing what one feels called to do and yet we are learning to wait on the Lord and trust in His plan in the middle of so many unknowns.”

Greg said the reality is that Haiti may not be a safe place to return unless another foreign military force restores peace and order. However, he remains hopeful, holding the words of Jesus in John 16:33 close:

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

As for their Haitian brothers and sisters, he quotes a Haitian response to uncertainty: “Bondye Konne!”

“The translation is simply, ‘God knows!’ We don’t know the final solution to Haiti’s current troubles or what the future holds, but we trust the God who knows,” Greg said.

In January, the Haiti team reunited for a retreat to focus on fellowship and prayer. The Thedes found this experience encouraging.

“The time of fellowship with people who truly understand Haiti … is always encouraging. (They understand) the blessings and challenges of living there, they’ve experienced the messy, mixed-up feelings that accompany living in Haiti, and they share our love for the people and ministry,” they said.

Please join us in continuing to pray for the Haiti team and the country of Haiti, as they all navigate a wide range of emotions.