Jesus Led Me All the Way

Jesus Led Me All the Way

While I served as a missionary nurse in Zambia from 1970- 1992, I enjoyed writing articles for the monthly Wesleyan World Missions magazine. During my first furlough, I attempted to write a novel about Jesus’s childhood. When I retired from missionary service in 1993, I picked the project back up and began doing serious research and writing. Since I was an unknown author, publishing houses weren’t interested in my work. However, I kept writing. I divided the book project and added two more. Then I wrote about Jonathan, son of King Saul and about the Woman at the Well.

When I retired to Florida in 2008 I became busy helping with nursing home services, church and Wesleyan Village activities and more. I didn’t have time for writing.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all these activities came to a halt. So with nothing to do, I got out my manuscripts and began working on the story of Jonathan. I recruited several friends to help with editing, recommendations, proofreading and with preparing book covers. I was advised to self-publish, and published *“Mark of the Covenant” in 2021 and *“Sarah of Sychar” in 2022.

In May last year we were able to restart the nursing home services, but a medical diagnosis in March stopped my participation. So, I have time for writing again. Now I am working on the fourbook series—which I have decided to divide into six instead. I recently published the first, *“Like As We Are,” in October.

God used a pandemic to renew my hope of publishing. In the past 25-30 years publishing opportunities have greatly increased. Friends who were not available in 2008 have since moved here and are present to help me with the process. God worked out the details.

Praise God that after fifty years, He has turned two negative situations into positive results and fulfilled my dream, all in His timing. With 23 years of missionary service, 15 years of other ministry and 15 years of retirement, I can truly say, “Jesus Led Me All The Way.” Staying surrendered to Him produces a rewarding life. I encourage you to reflect on how you can stay surrendered to Him as well!

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