Relief For Manipur

Relief For Manipur

As a result of fundraising efforts over the past nine months, $67,866 has been raised to bring relief to our brothers and sisters in Manipur. These funds have been making a significant difference – praise God! 

In early May 2023, violence and destruction erupted in Manipur, India resulting in terrible Christian persecution. Upwards of 400 churches have been burned, 7,000 Christian homes have been burned and now tens of thousands of refugees are facing huge loss and uncertainty. (For further background on the conflict, visit 

Since this time of uncertainty and devastation first began, members of the global Wesleyan church have stepped up to assist with some of the needs in Manipur. What started out as a Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund (WERF) transitioned to become a Global Partners project, due to ongoing needs. 

More recently, Wesleyan churches were also asked to bless the Manipur fund with their Christmas offerings – which raised $36,535 of the total Manipur funds! 

Rev. Lalsandam, Regional Superintendent of Wesleyan Methodist Church of East India (WMCEI), said the most recent Christmas funds provided items that will be especially helpful during the winter months. 

“Thank you very much for the help you sent for the Manipur conflict response. The funds were very helpful and comforting for the displaced people,” 

Rev. Lalsandam wrote. “With those funds, we were able to provide blankets and sleeping bags to the selected (10) camps. I hope they will be able to adjust with the cold winter because of those gifts now. And (from time to time) we also provide food materials such as, packed lunches, rice bags, Dal bags and curry materials. Thank you very much for your help, and we are also extremely thankful to all the givers for this help. May God bless all of you.” 

Blankets and sleeping bags are particularly important because the temperature can drop to around 32 degrees, and many individuals are staying in tents and temporary structures – most everyone is sleeping on the ground. 

“We want to thank all those that have given to help the Christian community in Manipur that has been attacked and displaced, many of whom are Wesleyans,” David*, a pastor in South Asia, shared. “We know God will use all of this, including your sacrificial giving, for His glory.” 

As we come out of the winter holiday season, David* shared that an education and teaching ministry for the children in the refugee camps is set to begin. This means they will need supplies and payment for teachers to come in and lead the classes. 

“This is very important because most of last year, the children have not been in school,” David* explained. “It is emotionally unhealthy for them to have no place to go or anything to do. With the teaching will come hope, activity, social interaction and a new perspective.” 

We want to extend the invitation to give toward the relief fund, which we hope will be able to help this education and teaching ministry as well. Will you please consider donating and committing to praying for the church in Manipur? If you have already donated to the relief fund, would you consider donating again, as the needs continue? 

To make an online donation or review instructions on donating with a check, visit