My Uncertainties Grew—Would They Come?

My Uncertainties Grew—Would They Come?

Would they come? . . . Would learning how to inductively study the Bible draw anybody? . . . These questions lingered in my mind as preparations went forward for the first women’s conference held in Manaus, Brazil. When uncertainties almost led to cancelling the event, my own uncertainties grew.

But we had invited the speaker some months before. She had her airline tickets in hand. If we only had a few women, it would still be a good beginning—right? Then I was blown away as the number of registrants grew to 20 . . . to 50 . . . to 80 . . . to 125!

Would learning how to inductively study the Bible draw anybody?

At the first session, the corporate hunger to know the Word was palpable. The speaker, a Free Methodist missionary (and my sister), Hope Owsley, said she was astounded by the rapt attention of the women. In all the places she has taught, she has rarely seen so many women with such an intense desire to know the Word.

I heard many women say that for the first time they understood how to study the Bible in an easy way. Many said it would change the way they do Bible study forever. They were also taught how to create scripture art with a few stickers and colored pencils.

The study on Ruth made an impact as each woman understood that both Ruth and Naomi were in the exact same situation—widowed and without resources. But Ruth chose to trust in God and love her mother-in-law unconditionally. We also have the choice of trusting in him unconditionally.