Would You Pray for the Arabic Speaking People of Algeria?

Would You Pray for the Arabic Speaking People of Algeria?

Arabic-speaking Algerians constitute a significant Frontier People Group*, ranking among the largest unreached populations globally, with a population of 33,118,000. Currently, there is a scarce presence of Jesus followers among this group, and few sustained indigenous-led movements for Jesus. Urgent attention is required to address this critical situation, necessitating the involvement of cross-cultural workers, including both dedicated mission workers and Global Marketplace Multipliers, who can contribute to reaching and impacting the lives of Arabic-speaking Algerians.

Algeria is predominantly a Muslim country, with Islam being the dominant religion. The majority of the population identifies as Sunni Muslims. The Christian population in Algeria in total is a very small minority, estimated to be around 2% of the total population, constituted of expatriates and some Algerian converts, and much smaller than that among the Arab-speaking Algerians

The minority church in Algeria displays several key features. Christian gatherings often take place in underground and house churches, providing an intimate setting for worship that is not noticed by authorities. Indigenous Algerian believers, while facing societal pressures, discrimination, and potential persecution, actively engage in evangelism and discipleship to spread the faith among their fellow Algerians. However, the church operates under legal restrictions imposed by the Algerian government, presenting challenges and risks for believers.

In light of these circumstances, please join in prayer for the Arabic-speaking Algerian people. Pray for God’s provision of workers to enter the harvest, as a significant portion of the global population still lacks access to the transformative message of Jesus Christ. -GMM Team

*A “Frontier People Groups” (FPG) refers to a specific category of unreached people groups that have little to no access to the Gospel and limited or no known Christian presence or outreach. These are typically groups or communities living in remote, unreached areas or in regions where there are significant cultural, linguistic, or geographic barriers to sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM) is doing a series focusing on all the FPGs that are over 10 million in population. The term “frontier” first coined by the Joshua Project, indicates that these people groups reside in the frontiers of global missions, where the Gospel has yet to penetrate and where the church is virtually nonexistent. These groups often have their own unique language, culture, and social structures, making it challenging for traditional missionary efforts to reach them.