Pray Not for Crutches but for Wings

Pray Not for Crutches but for Wings

Since first arriving in Central Asia over 10 years ago, we have continued to pray that God would raise up more workers for this harvest field. Not just for the sake of more workers but because the job is so massive.

Ultimately, our ministry is about seeing the impossible happen. In years gone by, missionaries went to South American and African nations. They spent decades before seeing the fruit that we see today in those nations. South America and Africa were the impossible places then. But today they are joining the harvest by sending workers into the other impossible places!

Almost 100% of Fotizo people are Muslims. There are many days when seeing a movement of former Muslims live as believers in Jesus Christ feels impossible. But then again, we’re reminded that “With men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27b KJV2000).

In the past weeks and months, we’ve

  • hosted top Wesleyan Latino leaders as a next step to mobilizing Central and South Americans to minister among Muslims;
  • spent hours both in person and on the phone with Fotizo believers encouraging them to be faithful and to believe and trust that God will continue to save people around them;
  • met a number of workers in this country working on sharpening our vision and skills in seeing movements of disciples making disciples and churches reproducing churches;
  • continued to provide leadership to a wonderful team committed to living and serving alongside us;
  • hosted individual vision trips for those interested in joining us in reaching Muslims;
  • traveled to Europe to attend Turkic/Arabic area leadership meetings.

*Names omitted for security reasons


Pray for Christians to have a bold witness for Christ that is covered in wisdom and love.

Pray that doors would be opened for Christian workers to reach the Fotizo people in places where it is currently hard to gain access.

Pray for the eyes and hearts of the Fotizo people to be opened to Jesus Christ.

Pray that Fotizo people who come to faith in Christ would begin reproducing more disciples from within their family, friends, and coworkers.