Power Prayer Walks

Power Prayer Walks

 It was 4 p.m. and I got the text again. “Would anyone in our house church want to go walking through the park and maybe talk to people about Jesus?” Andy, a Czech believer in our house church, had sent this message multiple times before, but I’d always had a good reason to decline. This time I didn’t. I loved spending time with Andy and going on prayer walks. But the idea of stopping strangers the city to talk with them about Jesus was something different. 

So, I went. We had a nice time catching up and sharing what God had been teaching each of us. Then we agreed that we’d just sort of walk and talk to Jesus and see if He’d lead us to some people to share with. We simply prayed, “Lord, if there are people in this park today who are ready to hear about Jesus, please lead us to them.” What an experience! 

Guess what happened – we met people that day. As we asked people’s permission to ask a couple questions about God, some people were open to it. We met a young believer in his 20’s who was excited to talk to someone – anyone – about his faith. We met a foreign student who wasn’t so interested in Jesus, but was interested in a good conversation and wasn’t afraid to chat. And we talked with a couple who felt okay with a short conversation but were ready to walk on after that. 

This “power prayer walk,” as I like to call it, taught me a few things. It’s important to be ready to share about the hope I have in Jesus. People are longing for connection, community and conversation. The gospel is really Good News! And there are many who are ready to hear it. 

 Just like Phil said above, the gospel is really Good News and there are many who are ready to hear it! Did you know that more than 4 in 10 people live without access to the gospel? That’s billions of people! This can certainly feel overwhelming, but God doesn’t commission us without empowering us. We all have a role in His mission!