Video Curriculum Training Pastors in Cambodia

Video Curriculum Training Pastors in Cambodia

Funding through Amplified Leaders is helping make an oral-based video curriculum possible in Cambodia, training pastors toward licensing and ordination.

A pastor from Good News Wesleyan Church in Phnom Phen, Cambodia – Kimsua – along with the help of a team, has put in the work to make educational lessons via video possible. The team has produced roughly 60 videos for their students so far.

These videos will eventually bring students through three phases: leading self, leading others and leading others to lead. The team has just about finished recording the first phase and has started the brainstorming process for the second.

The unique aspect of this curriculum is that it’s entirely an oral education, rather than written.

Each video begins with an introduction to the program along with a song, followed by an introduction to the lesson itself and a story told by Pastor Soth Kann. From there, the lesson is typically taught by Pastor Kimsua, and a conclusion from Pastor Soth Kann.

The videos, lasting anywhere from 15-20 minutes, are then uploaded to YouTube and sent to students when they are ready for the next lesson. Some videos also include a snippet from The Bible Project – an organization which produces free Bible videos and other resources to help make biblical stories available for all.

During the lesson, students may be prompted to complete an assigned activity, such as leading a prayer meeting. Currently, there are 20 students involved, working at their own pace.

Although this program’s main purpose is meant to assist training pastors toward ordination, it’s available for anyone interested in participating. A lot of individuals who attend the church’s Youth Fellowship Program are participating in this program, which has been an additional way for them to hear about the Gospel.

Aside from these participants, Pastor Kimsua said they work with local pastors to see if they know of any members or elders that would like to join the program.

The program is free of charge, Pastor Kimsua said, the only thing that costs the participants is “to be faithful throughout the program!”

Pastor Kimsua has also been learning throughout this process – prior to helping lead the program, he hadn’t had any video editing experience! Since then, he has learned a lot and is enjoying the process.

Moving forward, Pastor Kimsua said the primary prayer request is for God to grant them the wisdom they need to continue coming up with new ideas and strategies, so they are able to develop effective materials based on the Bible. Additionally, he hopes to advance his own schooling as well.

“Thank you everyone for amplifying the church – I am very thankful … I really appreciate you.”

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