Would You Pray for the Yadav People in India

Would You Pray for the Yadav People in India

We humbly request your prayers and contemplation on behalf of the Yadav (or Yadava) people in India. They comprise one of the largest Unreached People Groups* (UPG), with a population of over 41 million individuals in India alone. Unfortunately, only a minute fraction (0.01%) of them have had the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ, and indigenous-led movements that illuminate this love are rare. International cross-cultural mission workers, relief workers, and Global Marketplace Multipliers may serve as conduits to connect with this people group. However, given their widespread presence across India and their deep integration into Indian society, it’s anticipated that fellow Indian Christians may play a pivotal role in sharing the love of Jesus with them in the future. Let us pray that the Lord of the harvest sends His people into His fields.

In interactions with the Yadav people, it’s customary for them to introduce themselves with their first name followed by the title “Yadav.” Yadavs engage in various occupations, ranging from dairy farming and cattle production to labor, and they also excel in diverse professions such as business, education, healthcare, engineering, and even politics.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that they continue to face challenges, both in rural and urban settings. Access to quality education is a problem, as is limited access to adequate healthcare services and even some basic infrastructure needs such as clean drinking water. Many Yadavs face underemployment and access to better-paying jobs (or vocational training that might enable them to secure such jobs), or in the meantime, struggle to get access to governmental assistance programs. The Yadav also often encounter caste-based discrimination.

We invite you to join us in prayer, not only for the Yadav people’s physical and social needs but also for them to experience the boundless love of Jesus Christ. There is a profound spiritual hunger among a significant segment of their population that remains unfulfilled, and through our prayers, we can serve as catalysts for this transformative encounter.

*Unreached People Groups (UPG) represent those who have limited or no access to the Gospel and possess a minimal Christian presence. Often residing in remote or culturally distinct areas, they encounter significant barriers, including language, culture, and geography, hindering the spread of the Gospel. Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM) is committed to highlighting UPGs with populations exceeding 10 million, often referred to as “Frontier People Groups,” representing some of the most unreached communities globally. Our ongoing series will cover approximately 35 of the most unreached people groups worldwide.*