La Gonâve Wesleyan Hospital was established in 1948 on the island of La Gonâve off the coast of Haiti by the Wesleyan Mission in Haiti. For more than seventy years the hospital has provided health services to the 120,000 people living on the island of La Gonâve. The hospital provides emergency care, inpatient care for adults and children, maternity and newborn care, and many surgical services. In addition to these services, the hospital serves as a base for the community health education program and provides support for rural clinics sponsored by several partner organizations. The hospital employs a staff of approximately 100 Haitians who are supported in their work by Global Partners missionaries and visiting teams of specialists. La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital is committed to providing healthcare that is sustainable, equitable and serviceable for the community of La Gonave.

Dr. Bob and Marcia Vermaire have been Global Partners missionaries since 2014.  Bob, a family medicine doctor, and Marcia, a registered nurse, had their first experience working with the staff at La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital in 1981 and moved back to serve full time on the island in 2014.  Their main focus has been investing in the lives of the Haitian doctors and nurses that work at the hospital.  After leaving Haiti in 2021 due to the increasing violence and instability in the country, they spent three months at Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital in Sierra Leone. Going forward they plan to stay involved in both countries, working remotely with the hospital staff and returning on short-term trips, while mentoring, teaching and learning with doctors, nurses and community health officers that serve at the hospitals.  They also hope to connect North Americans to the hospitals in order to better resource and support the critical work of these ministries. 


Dr. Bob and Marcia
Friends of
La Gonave

Friends of La Gonâve is a community of people who help advance the work and ministry of La Gonâve Wesleyan Hospital through their time, financial support, prayers and networking.  Friends are doctors, nurses, therapists and others who visit the hospital or provide education to staff online; generous donors who help financially sustain the hospital; partners who lift the hospital’s needs and praises in prayer; and people who simply care about patients in Haiti.

Caring For Caregivers is our way to support the staff of La Gonâve Wesleyan Hospital by supplementing their income.  Poverty is widespread throughout Haiti and even those employed often face financial hardships.  For approximately $15,000 the entire staff of the hospital receives a bonus equal to one month of their salary.  These bonuses have been distributed at year end and in September at the start of the school year — both times of increased expenses for Haitians.  Our goal is to be able to provide a quarterly bonus.

To donate, click the button below, and be sure to comment “Caring for Caregivers” on your donation.

Caring For
Wesleyan University
School of Nursing

Wesleyan University School of Nursing on the island of La Gonave, Haiti was founded in 2014 to provide education and training in nursing skills along with spiritual training and life lessons. Recently the school ranked first among nursing schools in Haiti based on passing rates of the government RN exam and the proficiency of the students and graduates. There are currently fifty-five hard-working, ambitious and enthusiastic students across all 4 years of studies who are committed to changing the face of healthcare in Haiti. Students are incredibly grateful for the generosity of financial partners who provide scholarships and help fund a nutritional program that supplements the students’ diet while they are attending the program.


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